CeBIT 2017: TELEPORT launches Govii – the Government Bot

Applying for a new passport, registering a new car or finding a municipal day care center for the child – most of private requests to public authorities occur at closing time.

This is Govii-time. Govii is the first Government Bot. He’s handling requests and questions all day and around the clock. Using artificial intelligence he uses access to the overall catalogue of public services of all levels. No matter how – via web-site, via skype or through any digital assistant like Cortana, Siri or Alexa – Govii answers questions for public authoritie’s services, opening hours, responsibilities, contact persons or costs.

„Govii enhances public authoritie’s communication by a recent channel. Instead of installing yet another app, the user communicates withe the Govii by natural language“ explains project manager Thomas Fleischer. Dialogues can be performed both by Skype as by other conversational user interfaces like Sir, Cortana or Alexa.
„Artificial Intelligence and the ability to be integrated into different communication channels are Govii’s important features“ adds Thomas Patzelt, Teleport’s CEO, „but most important is Govii’s integration into a broad co-operational framework of public authoritie’s information exchange. That allows Govii to rely on an information portfolio that is covering all levels of public administration.
Govii is a cloud-based service that uses a multiplicity of different data sources including LEIKA – the German catalogue of public services, or the data for public administration’s customer service number 115.
Govii’s data base includes the inventory of all public services as well as the overall structure of public service offices of all kind in seven Laender of Germany as well as in more than 6.000 municipalities.

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